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Home2017 GN Tentative Itinerary

The schedule below is a living, constantly evolving document.  Changes and adjustments will be made as circumstances dictate and vendors provide us with their seminar content.  Revisit this page frequently to see the latest updates.   If you have comments or questions, please email,

Tentative Schedule for 2017 Grand National

Sunday- 9/24


  10:00 - 11:00

   1:00 -  3:00


   3:30  -  5:00



  After the Ball
  Brunch available at Pontchartrain Landing restaurant 11:00-2:00 for $9.99

Officers Meeting

Church Service

Registration/patch sewing

Dinner on your own

Event Room Closed

Event Room Opens
Meet N Greet 
Dessert Only
Arthur Hardy and the Grande Royal Ball (Mardi Gras style) followed by Photo Op with “The Court”
Men:  Dress pants & collared shirts
Women: Dress, skirts or dress pants

Photo Op with the Royal Court

50/50 Drawing


Monday 9/25

   8:00 -  9:30

  10:00 - 12:00

  12:30 -  1:30

   1:30 -  3:30

   3:30 -  5:00



Late Registration

Board of Directors Meeting

Lunch Break

First Timers Meeting

"The "Hole" truth about RV plumbing systems"

Event Room Closed

Event Room Opens

Opening Ceremonies followed by
Dinner: Crab stuffed Fish or Lemon Garlic Baked Chicken, salad, veggies, pecan pie

Entertainment – New Orleans Jazz Band

50/50 Drawings


Tuesday  9/26


    4:00 - 5:00

    5:00 - 5:30

    5:30 - 6:30




Morning Seminars and Classes

  • Safety Steps and Sand Aways
  • Winegard WiFi and Satellite
  • Airxcel - propane fire pit
  • Geeks On Tour  Photo Memories with Google Photo

             Lunch Break

Afternoon Seminars

  • Geeks on Tour  What Does This Button Do?
  • BAL stabilization products
  • Valterra sanitation products

Event Room Closed

Event Room Opens

Cajun Night

    Dinner: Soup, salad, Jambayla (no seafood), Bananas Foster

Entertainment - Cajun Style Fun
followed by 50/50 Drawing


Wed  9/27

   4:00 -  5:00




Morning Seminars

  • Sky Med - Serving Pastries/fresh fruit and juice
  • DRV Mobile Suites
  • Geeks on Tour  - Technology to Tell your Stories

          Lunch Break

Afternoon Seminars

Event Room Closed

Event Room Opens - 50/50 Ticket Sales

Guest Speaker on D-Day/WWII Museum/

Dinner:  Soup, Fried Shrimp/Oysters or Baked Chicken, Mac & Cheese, veggies, cake. 
Generously provided by DRV (Mobile and Elite  Suites)

Entertainment – Mardi Gras Indians followed by souvenir photo OP with the Indians

50/50 Drawing



Thursday  9/28


   3:00 - 5:30              

D-Day/WWII Museum Excursion - Red Shirts please

SnoBall Social & NOLA Photo Op

Member Craft Sale/vendors
Last chance to buy tickets for Friday's raffle drawing

Dinner on your own

Bingo in Pontchartrain Landing restaurant
(eat and play at the same time)

Event Room available for games and visiting



Friday  9/29

   4:00 - 5:00




Morning Seminars

  • Damsels in Distress
  • 1, 000 Trails
  • Full Timing and Work Camping

           Lunch Break

Afternoon Seminars

  • Good Year Tire
  • Armor Roofing
Event Room Closed

BBQ “picnic” meat provided and cooked by Ryan Simmons of Passport America

Last chance to buy tickets for Saturday's raffle table drawing

½ of Raffle Table and other drawings

Band in restaurant




       ?? : ??

 10:00 - 12:30

    1:00 - 3:00





Seminar - Passport America

Special “Ladies Only fun event ", prizes, laughs

                             Lunch Break

National Club Annual Meeting - Red & Whites
       Silent Auction Winner revealed
       donated by CTC valued at over $500!
       You must be present to win

Chapter and National Photos - Red & Whites
behind building by lake

Event Room Closed

Event Room Opens - 50/50 Tickets Only

Dinner: Seafood/Creole Gumbo, seafood pasta, veggie, bread pudding

Raffle table and special door prize drawings

Closing Ceremonies



Seminars and Classes
(just the start!)

Geeks on Tour

Jim & Chris Guld
  Jim and Chris Guld have been fulltimers for many years. They’ll teach you about using your technology for fun stuff like photos, maps, and blogs. Technology that is especially useful for travelers, but for anyone who likes smartphones, photos, and maps.



Rob Krajicek
  "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it"  Emergency situations don’t come with a warning: SkyMed offers peace of mind that can translate into thousands of dollars in savings should you need a medical evacuation when traveling.

Damsels in Defense
  Have you ever thought about your physical safety?  As you travel do you ever wonder how safe you are?  Come and discover safe ways to protect yourself and loved ones.  Spend an hour to find out what some of the protection options that available.  Set back and relax while seeing what prevention and protection look like.  Cash and carry available on some of the protection products.


Tommy & Sara Bouland


Fran & David Smith

  • Managing your Expenses- camping, fuel, etc.
  • Getting started- decisions to be made
  • Living on the road - look at your options
  • Handling doctors, dentists, and more. 

Carl Keiser, 40 year Master Plumber

"The "Hole" truth about RV plumbing systems"
Carl will answer all your questions, as well as dispel "old Wives" tales that you have heard about over the years.  Topics include:

  • The truth about waste digesters
  • Understanding how your plumbing system and how it works
  • What you need to know about high pressure regulators & water hoses
  • Will your plumbing system give you trouble in the future?




Gary Wheeler


 1,000 Trails



 Goodyear Tire


Armor Roofing

Russ Perry


RV Armor is a premium, liquid-applied, roof membrane system.  RV Armor is a puncture and tear-resistant roof, guaranteed to be "Leak and Maintenance Free" for life. NEVER GET ON YOUR ROOF AGAIN!

Finally, there is a convenient, affordable, guaranteed RV Roof that can be installed anywhere in the USA.